Happy International Women’s day

Director of Play

Becky- Director of Play

Awesome’s Director of Play and employees at Awesome want to take this opportunity to wish you all  a happy international women’s day. 

We want to  share a Youtube video with you of someone who is Becky’s champion in the world of women and play and thought you would find it interesting.

The video focuses on the staffed adventure playgrounds Lady Allen created in the 1960s and 1970s to provide play opportunities for children with SEND. 

Please note: the language used in the video to describe the children is of the time and would be seen as old-fashioned, inappropriate, and even offensive to today’s ears but bare with it.

It is possible to draw many comparables to overprotecting children in today’s society and the benefits of adventure playgrounds for all children.  
“If they are so overprotected that they are never able to meet these challenges and able to take these risks, I think they will be the poorer for it when they grow up. When they set their heart on doing something which may be beyond their capabilities, they’ll stay at it and stick at it until they’ve achieved it, and this builds up a tremendous sense of self-confidence.”

We are so proud of all our staff and the women in our organisation who continue be an inspiration and put children at the heart of what they do like Lady Allen.

  If you have someone who as inspired you and is a champion in the world of women please share it with us on our Facebook page, it would be great to share with the children we work with.

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Celebrate International Women’s Day

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