About Adventure Playgrounds

Play is the evolved mechanism for learning, through which children establish, explore and test the relationship between self and other, and between mind, body and the physical world.

Adventure playgrounds have been a key feature of play opportunities in Islington for more than 40 years. We have the second lowest level of open space in the country.

Adventure playgrounds were set up in the 70’s to give children in inner-city areas space to connect with nature and have the freedom for outside physical play. We believe in the value of child-led, open access free play.

Islington's Adventure Playgrounds are places where children can learn through managing risk and exploring physical limits in a safe environment, supported by great playworkers. We believe such play is crucial to healthy physical, cognitive and social development. Countless studies support these ideas. Children get the chance on adventure playgrounds to mix with others of different ages and different social and cultural backgrounds.

Our supervised, playworker led model not only gives children somewhere safe to play, but allows children to have on-going relationships with a group of caring and consistent adults who are always on their side. The organisation actively addresses hidden barriers to play - providing hot food, warm clothes and an approach to outreach which recognises children as active and important members of the community they are growing up in.

On the 1 October 2016, Awesome began its awarded  contract to run 6 adventure playgrounds on behalf of Islington Council. They are:

Barnard Adventure Playground - 020 7278 6635
Copenhagen Street, London N1 0JH

Cape Adventure Playground -0203 875 3662
83 Crouch Hill, London N8 9EG

Cornwallis Adventure Playground - 020 7281 0094
Cornwallis Road, London N19 4LP

Kings Henry's Walk Adventure Playground - 020 7249 5090
King Henry's Walk, London N1 4NX

Three Corners Adventure Playground - 0207 833 0020
Northampton Road, London EC1R 0HU

Waterside Adventure Playground - 0207 359 6200
50 Dame Street, London N1 7FR

The following six adventure playgrounds are run by Islington Play Association:

  • Crumbles Castle Adventure Playground, Bingfield St
  • Hayward Adventure Playground, Market Rd
  • Lumpy Hill Adventure Playground, Market Rd
  • Martin Luther King Adventure Playground, Sheringham Rd
  • Timbuktu Adventure Playground, Grenvile Rd
  • Toffee Park Adventure Playground, Ironmonger Row

To find out what each playground provides, please visit there web pages or contact them individually by phoning or visiting them.
To find out about adventure playgrounds outside of Islington see www.londonplay.org.uk