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Every effort has been made to make the playground a natural oasis in a highly built up area. Waterside’s outside space consists of three levels. The first upper level has tree houses, an Ariel runway, a swing and walkways. The second ground level has a fallen tree, a sandpit, a stage, nets, a willow igloo, a fire pit with boulders and a hard play area. The third lower level consists of underground tunnels.

The children regularly den build, changing the play environment, adapting them to their needs. Doing this also allows them to pick up new skills and introduces them to new tools.

Children are able to get involved in activities such as cooking, tuck shop (run by the children) dance, gymnastics, rough and tumble, art and crafts, dressing up and role play, access to reading room and a selection of books, internet access for homework and strategy games.

Outdoor activities: include games such as bulldog, ‘family had’, football, nature play, water games, fire, bike workshops, den building, climbing and, weather permitting, outdoor arts and crafts, barbeques and camp cooking on open fires and the use of our pizza oven.


We currently cater for children and young people ages 6-13.

Family Play sessions

Every Saturday during school term time come along, there is no age restriction for playing as a family. Our great 2 hour family play session 11:30-13:30 is open to all Islington families which includes children of any age accompanied by an adult. Experience some of the adventurous opportunities children get to do independently in our free play service during our regular play service. These sessions are supported by qualified playworkers who will introduce you to new and wonderful play experiences. Be prepared to get messy and have fun! #FunComesFirst

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